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darkcooks asked: So what is your opinion about five nights at freddy's ?

i cant regard this as a ask towards pulse so i’ll answer as myself.

Personally i have played it and i got to night three before i gave up out of boredom. I don’t really find it that scary to be honest, that might have something to do with that i have never been to a chuck e cheese sort of establishment ever. i think its an ok game, interesting concept and i dont really have anything bad to say.

I think there are better “scary games” to play, but i understand that this is the new slender and is gonna have it’s run for a while. I look forward to see what people are gonna do with this concept in the future, but as of now im underwhelmed.

Animatronics just dont scare me and the gamplay goes from new and cool to boring and repetative a little too fast. 6/10.

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Anonymous asked: Are you satan?

this explains why no one want to be my friend on this site

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Commision info.

It’s pretty crude right now, but i thought i just get the word out that i’m open for commisions now. All prices are based on the amount of time it takes to make them, any questions or orders are sent to my ask box on tumblr.

Further on from there we will be communicating through email to keep things as organized as possible.

If you don’t see anything you’d like here or have seen artwork from me in a difrent style don’t hasitate to ask about it.

I have 3 slots open currently.

Things that are “A” ok:

Grimdark, gore etc.
Suggestive things. (suacy, implying, sexy etc.)

Things i wont do:

NSFW/R34 - Anything explicitly pornographic.
 - That ofcourse closes out extreme fetishes.
Character designs.

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